1. As a senior, you’re usually obligated to go to homecoming. Although, I didn’t feel that way… I wanted to go. Why not? It’s my last year to experience all these fun activities and it’s my chance to make memories with some people I won’t see after high school. I think everyone should experience homecoming at least 1/4 years they’re in high school. Although my first time going to homecoming may have been  lame…my last year was a blast! I don’t think I had that much fun with the people I enjoy so much till then. My bond between the friends I partied with grew stronger after homecoming night. All you have to do is be care-free and truly enjoy yourself and the. presence of the people around you. That’s what I lacked my first year, luckily I made up for it. This is something you won’t be able to do again so take advantage of all of these opportunities. 

    Tips on how to enjoy homecoming:

    1. Don’t try too hard to fit in, just be you and have fun

    2. Go with a group of friends that all enjoy each others presence

    3. Dance as much as you can

    4. Be confident in how you look

    5. Take loads of pictures

    6. Don’t be a Debbie downer and simply enjoy yourself


  • Above are some photos from my homecoming night. It was so much fun getting dolled up and taking photos.
  • I purchases the shoes from forever 21 and the dress from Windsor.
  • The dress gave a sexy and a dark vibe which I truly loved! I love the way black looks on me so this dress was absolutely perfect
  • The smokey eye makeup really popped out and the touch of glitter to the eye was the perfect final touch
  • The long side braid was gorgeous and a hairstyle I would love to try again.